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At The Law Office of JAL, PLLC., We have a defined process that must carry out before taking a case.

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What we talk about during the Live on our social networks is a general information, it does not replace your appointment with a lawyer because each case is different. Here at The Law Office of Juan Antonio Lozada, PLLC., We are a team of nearly 50 people who work to give you the best service, with excellence and efficiency. 

Through our social networks, it is not possible to give you legal advice or respond to every specific question. However, you can leave us your questions there, because we register them periodically to be shared with the lawyer, then he can take them into account in his content.

If an immigration judge orders your deportation and ICE cannot deport you and release you under an order of supervision or  Humanitarian parole, there is a chance to apply for a work permit.  We recommend that you get good advice from Attorney because it is not a simple procedure.

Some of the factors that can affect the immigration decision include:

  1. The number of people who depend on you and live in the USA.
  2. A need for employment.
  3. The possibility that your deportation may not be effective for a long time.

The Asylum is like building a house. You will need to have strong Pillars holding the roof because if not, it will come over you. To have the chance to win your asylum, it is not enough to have one or two pillars; You need to have all four Pillars established. No matter how much evidence you have of any pillars, you will not be able to prove your case without having them all at the same level of understanding.

The Four Asylum Pillars are:

  1. Reasonable fear of returning to the country. It has an element of temporality.
  2. Prove that you suffered past persecution or there is a chance of future persecution.
  3. Identity of the persecutor. You must verify that the persecutor is the government or a group that the government does not want or cannot control.

  4. Prove a link or connection between the persecution and your membership in one or more of the protected classes.
  1. Political opinion.
  2. Religion.
  3. Race.
  4. National identity.
  5. Membership in a particular social group.

In this video, you will be able to understand this topic better:

It is not illegal for you to represent yourself in court or to handle your legal affairs. But judges and court staff cannot provide you with legal advice as you advance in your case. Instead, attorneys are trained to assist you.
Legal professionals, be aware of all legal proceedings, presentation requirements, deadlines, and other details that you could easily miss.

You can end your relationship with your attorney simply by informing them. Give a notice it is a matter of courtesy, and it may be necessary; then, the attorney may ask the court for permission to withdraw. Then you will have to pay for the services already been rendered and the costs we have incurred.

By being hired as your legal advisor, the attorney expects from you that:

  1. Be completely honest about all the facts related to your case, whether or not they are favorable to you.
  2. Be on time for appointments and don’t take excessive time with insignificant matters.
  3. Follow their advice.
  4. Understand that no attorney can guarantee results in a matter contested.
  5. Be patient and understand that legal matters require time and research.

You are hiring an attorney to serve as your advocate. You must expect that your  attorney:

  1. Consult with you to identify the case.
  2. Research and analyze all available facts and information related to your case.
  3. Keep you informed about what is happening in your case and respond to their questions.
  4. Discuss the fees on your first visit and agree on how the costs will be paid.
  5. Be honest about your case, its prospects for success, the time it will take, and the convenience of accepting any deal offered
  6.  Maintain the confidentiality of everything that is said and discussed in your process.

Legal fees are established and determined by a contract between you and the firm. There are several elements: 

  1. determines the payment and the basis of the charge.
  2. The amount of time spent on your case.
  3. The skill, experience, and reputation of the attorney.
  4. General expenses, such as secretarial and paraprofessional assistance, researchers, and other staff.
  5. Your ability to pay