The Area Where We Practice Our Law

We have successfully represented a good number of affirmative and defensive asylum cases of people from countries like Venezuela, Turkey, El Salvador, to name a few. We understand very well the particularities of the asylum process and we have a team that will take you by the hand and give you the tools and preparation you need to WIN your case.

Immigration law

Juan Lozada believes in the value of litigating the administrative judgments of the Executive Office of Immigration Review and the Board of Immigration Appeals in Federal Courts. Our firm has successfully represented a large number of clients with diverse immigration cases. We understand the value of immigrants to American society and that is why we tirelessly fight for their rights.

Civil law

Civil law is the branch of private law that regulates the main civil relations of people. Traditionally it is the branch of law that regulates the civil status of people, family relationships, property and other real rights, obligations and contracts, and successions.